Weekend activity: Create some paper toys

If its raining or its too cold (or too hot) or whichever other reason you have not to go outside here are some unusual paper toys that surely will impress your friends (or kids).

Many of these toys can be made with just a few sheets of paper, scissors and some tape, others like for example the the Paper Rose or Flower paper (see link section below) are more elaborate but should still be mastered by everyone.

The toys we chosen for this article are more like the ones you would create when you sit together with a group of friends or want to show your kids something old Daddy or Mom can do. There are of course many others that use templates to be printed on photo paper, cut with an art knife and then glued together. We provide links for these too.

Incredible Toys

These two toys – the Folding Cube and the Transformer – are quickly done and both create impressive moving effects. If there’s interest we provide PDF templates for both.

Click on the image(s) below for the link (multimedia)

link to Metacafe video link to Metacafe video

Origami and some flowers

Two more nice and quickly done toys. The Origami barking dog is another moving toy and the paper rose ball might do when the petrol station ran out of real flowers (just kidding). Once you mastered these check out what true Origami masters can do.

Click on the image(s) below for the link (multimedia)

link to 5min video link to Metacafe video

More paper toys:

Our archive for the Paper tag
Many more ideas and videos at Golics Metacafe channel
Antlers made from paper with templates

A web site dedicated to paper toys with many templates to download.
A blog dedicated to paper models to find the best free papercrafts on the web.

Paper Automata from Paper Pino including Bush and Berlusconi.
Vintage paper crafts templates from Barnacle Press. These toys were originally published in the 1920s by the LA Times.

More Paper Machines from Walter Ruffler with great designs and many more links.
Or if you fancy a moving penguin have a look at the paper crafts from Paper Animations.

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