Video: Adrian Munsey – The Lost Sheep

We know the 1970s were a strange and sometimes confusing time for many, but for Adrian Munsey this period must have been extra challenging. Demonstrating outstanding Dadaist qualities, Adrian Munsey together with an orchestra of friends (and a few sheep) performs this ode to sheep live and of course outdoors.

The recording is included in a 7” (The Lost Sheep) by Adrian Munsey and if you search a bit on the I-Net you might find some download links as well. Outstanding work and completely free of any sense.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

If you would like to listen to some of Adrian’s more current work or some interviews have a look at his web site .

Please note that we have corrected the misspelling of Adrian’s name that is currently “making the round” on copy/paste web sites.

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