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Duvet-Dayz: Upgrade of site 2

We are still working on the site upgrade and it now seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel. The first part of the upgrades should become available during tomorrow night or latest during next Monday. After that we will also be able to resume posting new stories to the site. Many [...]

Quote of the day: The constant struggle between the rich and the poor

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Any city however small, is divided at least into two, one the city of the poor, the other the city of the rich.
These are hostile to each other.

Plato, Politeía, 370 BC

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Duvet-Dayz: Upgrade of site

We are currently upgrading this site and it is taking longer than expected. New posts will be back during the second half of this week. Sorry for the delay…but that upgrade was overdue for more that a year and we unfortunately have to do most of it manually – meaning we have to touch each [...]

Happy Birthday: Keith

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We’ve almost missed it – today would have been Keith Haring’s 50th birthday, but he died of AIDS in 1990.

Below we have put together a capture of what is displayed of his work when you search for his name on Google Images…

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Humor: The effect of beer on men

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It’s Friday night so we thought we might send you a short warning on the devastating effects that beer could have on men.

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Images: Wacky Packs

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Still remember the “wacky packs” – well maybe not the first series from Topps appeared in 1967. Each of them had a gum in it and a sticker card that was a parody – sometimes in a quite sarcastic way- of the consumer packaging for a well known product.

While the original ones now go for USD 100+ on ebay or other places, San Juan island based designer…

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