Other interesting things today [20080418]

Our daily press and blogs round-up

img Info sign We try to compile a list of things we “stumbled upon” on the web every day. The list might includes things that have been covered in the mainstream press but more likely also things we believe that should get more attention or would never make it to the cover page. Some funny stuff of course as well.

Note: If you don’t agree or do agree or just don’t like our “rants and raves” after each of the topics found, please comment on the post.

Today: 14 interesting things found (so far – 1 update)

favicon publisher(s) US Senator want to spend USD 1 Billion to monitor P2P: on CNet News

from our how-to-waste-the-taxpayers-money dept.

favicon publisher(s)European scientist say growing plants on the moon might be possible: on BBC News

seen as a tool to learn how life adapts to lunar conditions – how about getting this planet in order first – or is there someone wondering about turning the moon into the perfect high security prison.

favicon publisher(s)Eight questions about the human body that kids always asks: on Quazen

there are a few more hard ones to answer – our favorite – do clouds travel faster than the wind.

favicon publisher(s)European scientist develop robots with personality: on Queen Mary University of London

Marvin, how are you today?

favicon publisher(s)UK consumers ripped-off USD 13.2bn a year by unfair treatment: on The Register

You know the standard phrase / cliche for the British plumber: (scratching his face while looking musingly at the device) Hmmm, that’s gonna cost you!

continue reading this post (9 more things) after the jump

favicon publisher(s)A brief glimpse into other peoples offices: on deputy-dog

ten playgrounds office designs that are quite unusual.

favicon publisher(s)As expected Citi announces further losses: on WSJ

also announces 9,000 further job cuts.

favicon publisher(s)Paypal will start blocking users with unsafe browsers: on PC World

browsers that lack phishing filters will be blocked – IE3, IE4,etc – BTW Safari does not have a phishing filter too.

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)Major Japanese Buddhist temple refuses to be starting point for Olympic torch relay: on BBC News and on CNN

declaring solidarity with Buddhists in Tibet.

favicon publisher(s)China source of half EU’s dangerous goods: on Int. Herald Tribune

Don’t blame it on China – on one hand its the overall quantity – on the other hand its the consumers and companies that want to squeeze every penny out of suppliers – and then its the lax controls and corruption at the production source.

favicon publisher(s)Russia cancels Libya’s debt: on BBC News

another stop on Putin’s Mediterranean shopping tour – yesterday Italy – now Libya – debt-for-arms-deal-swap plus Gazprom deal.

favicon publisher(s)You can now play the unreleased sequel (Restaurant at the End of the Universe) of Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy: on waxy.org

text adventures are a bit like doing the time-warp…

favicon publisher(s)BBC launches a new online magazine dedicated to eco-conscious style: the magazine site

their trend scouts found out that ethical fashion has moved beyond being a fringe interest group closer to mainstream – so there’s the mag for it then.

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)Police investigator in Pirate Bay trial employed by plaintiff: on Torrent Freak and on Pirate Bay

the music industry trying the “old tricks” but getting caught…

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