Other interesting things today [20080417]

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img Info sign We try to compile a list of things we “stumbled upon” on the web every day. The list might includes things that have been covered in the mainstream press but more likely also things we believe that should get more attention or would never make it to the cover page. Some funny stuff of course as well.

Note: If you don’t agree or do agree or just don’t like our “rants and raves” after each of the topics found, please comment on the post.

Today: 12 interesting things found (so far)

favicon publisher(s) ISC finds source for 10,000s of iFrame / SQL injection attacks – and its Chinese: on Sans-ISC

Hmmm, had a user interface in Chinese and is checking Google for vulnerable sites – guess they had free access to Google search results.

favicon publisher(s)Senate negotiations on US Patent reform break down: on IP Watch

bad news, lets see if that topic will pick up again after the elections or corruption lobbying will prevail.

favicon publisher(s)How a satellite was shot down: on AZStarBiz

background story about the successful satellite shoot-down on Feb. 20 – includes video

favicon publisher(s)Darwin’s first draft of his evolutionary theory and other personal papers go online: on Darwin Onlinel

The Darwin archive at Cambridge University is excellent and even better its available online.

favicon publisher(s)Handcuffed man steals police car in Australia: on BBC News

two officers arrest him – put him on the back seat – they check something outside – he drives off with the car.

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favicon publisher(s)Pope celebrates mass for 40,000 in Washington D.C. : on CNN

St. Patrick’s N.Y. plus Yankee stadium next mass – guess there will not be much praying at the UN tomorrow.

favicon publisher(s)Olympic torch relay – 200 pro-Tibet protesters arrested in New Delhi: on CNN

New Delhi has the world largest Tibetan exile community – thousands protest – today in Nepal another 500 detained – yesterday in Pakistan the torch was carried around in a completely shielded off stadium – more like a top security prison – how appropriate.

favicon publisher(s)GSM security researcher stopped at Heathrow and has his hardware taken away: on THC Blog

we have heard about quite a few cases recently that business travelers had their laptops taken away when entering the U.S. and never got them back (the usual business esp.). It must have reached such levels that security / risk management organization in Europe have already advised their clients not to take any business sensitive data on laptops into the US. But this is of course not business vs. business this is government vs. people. They did not take his laptop and notes so IMHO its not completely clear what their intentions were.

favicon publisher(s)UK hopes to get a big piece of the USD 200 Billion Chinese Sovereign fund money: on CNN

Can you see the signs – closing down sales – the Asian / Chinese long term strategies seem to be working because of incompetence, greed, personal interests or plain unwillingness of those in the West that could do something about it. Soon they will learn what it means when Asians are in the dominant position and then they will moan…

favicon publisher(s)Newsweek explains Repression 2.0: on Newsweek

how governments are using the Internet to create the impression of ubiquitous surveillance – great drawing used for illustration.

favicon publisher(s)Tesla sues Fisker: on Good Clean Tech

Two e-car makers already in competition fights at court before they have even rolled out their products. There is some dynamite in that case as Tesla is alleging that Fisker leaked trade secrets for funding by KPCB with all their celeb execs.

favicon publisher(s)Next generation spacecraft tested at New Mexico Spaceport: on KRQE

Prototype of new Lockheed Martin spacecraft – video included.

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