Visual Language: Communicate anywhere in the world

Visual language is any communication which is primarily visual. It focuses on improving thinking, learning and communication by making it more visual. Driven by globalization, increased complexity in the things of our daily life and the convergence of vocabularies from different fields, visual language is composed of tightly integrated textual and visual elements.

Key to the concept of visual language is the possibility to communicate critical information items to anyone, in any language.

From Wikipedia

“…A visual language is a set of practices by which images can be used to communicate concepts. Creation of an image to communicate an idea presupposes the use of a visual language. Just as people can ‘verbalize’ their thinking, they can ‘visualize’ it. The elements in an image represent concepts in a spatial context, rather than the linear form used for words. Speech and visual communication are parallel and usually interdependent means by which humans exchange information…”

Real world examples include ballot papers in countries where many people can’t read and the Kwikpoint Visual Language Translator.

Click on the image below for the link

link to VizThink wiki

More information at the VizThink Wiki and examples for various fields of business at the Kwikpoint web site.

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