Other interesting things today [20080416]

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img Info sign We try to compile a list of things we “stumbled over” on the web every day. The list might includes things that have been covered in the mainstream press but more likely also things we believe that should get more attention or would never make it to the cover page. Some funny stuff of course as well.

Note: If you don’t agree or do agree or just don’t like our “rants and raves” after each of the topics found, please send us a comment – otherwise shut up or talk to your TV.

Today: 13 interesting things found (so far – 1 update)

favicon publisher(s) Oklahoma DoC web site leaks personal data of 10,000s including SSN for years: on The Daily WTF

Displaying your table structures and using SQL Selects as links in public web user interfaces is too stupid to be true – but it is. Interesting that they didn’t really care until their own data was at stake – our suggestion with a sense of humor

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)A new beta of Google Earth (4.3) is available for download: on Google Earth

New sunlight feature like in NASA WorldWind and photo-textures for buildings in 40 cities around the world – watch the video

favicon publisher(s)MS Windows XP Service pack 3 will be out April 29th: on Computer World

said to increase performance by 10% and a better network access protection.

favicon publisher(s)A 13 year old German school boy corrects NASA on asteroid figures – chance that a huge asteroid hits in 2029 is 1:450 and not 1:45,000: on physorg

now we’re all dooooomed! – but the price for Iridium will definitely drop substantially after the impact.

favicon publisher(s)HP / Silicon Valley birthplace in pictures: on BBC News

A story and image series of the house (and garage) where Hewlett and Packard started off 1938 – the place has been bought by HP in 2000 and restored to how it looked more than 70 years ago.

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favicon publisher(s)US releases Iraqi AP journalist after two years detention: on AP News

Answer: …is no security threat anymore… – no charge, no apology, no acquittal – Reuters News says some of its journalists were also detained by US military for months without charge.

favicon publisher(s)Food prices on steep rise in Asia : on Worldpress.org

China 21% this year (officially), Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand rice prices up 300% over 4 months, up almost 50% over the last two weeks – we have seen some reports of UFP warehouses in the region that are basically empty since this week (normally full) and they had to stop providing food because they also run out of money – stop blowing money on corruption shows – feed the people or better help allow them to feed themselves.

favicon publisher(s)Berlusconi declares Alitalia and Naples mess as top priorities: on BBC News

Berlusconi supporters must be reading this news round-up. Yesterday we suggested that they should go and buy Alitalia tickets and fly down to Naples to clean up the mess and now these two topics are among his top priorities – anyway he would not be a populist if these topics wouldn’t be high up on the agenda.

favicon publisher(s)Berkeley journalist student alerts world to his arrest in Egypt via Twitter: on Mercury News

broadcasted just the word ARRESTED to his Twitter followers.

favicon publisher(s)Oldest living tree (9550 years) found in Sweden: on National Geography

took roots at the end of the last Ice Age

favicon publisher(s)U.S. Supreme court backs lethal injections: on N.Y. Times

decision by 7 to 2 – one judge hopes that decision will reignite debate over capital punishment – well the US is in good company with other leading democracies countries: China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia – that’s your league – let’s hope you wont share their Human Rights records completely – but then there is that thing about torture…

favicon publisher(s)Bush announces Greenhouse Gas Strategy: on Wired

Been a busy day for G.W. – first the Pope and a huge party, Education and Sharing Day, and then of course save the world with a new Greenhouse Gas strategy

favicon publisher(s)Bad neighbor schedule: on L.A. Times

living in a suburb – guess you know what Steve Martin is ranting about

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