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img Info sign We try to compile a list of things we “stumbled over” on the web every day. The list might includes things that have been covered in the mainstream press but more likely also things we believe that should get more attention or would never make it to the cover page. Some funny stuff of course as well.

Note: If you don’t agree or do agree or just don’t like our “rants and raves” after each of the topics found, please send us a comment – otherwise shut up or talk to your TV.

Today: 21 interesting things found (so far)

favicon publisher(s) Brazil’s state owned oil agency Petrobas must be celebrating today. Deep-water oil field found off Brazil’s Atlantic coast expected to contain 33 Billion barrel : on Boston Globe

that will make it the world’s third-largest known oil reserve

favicon publisher(s)Amnesty International provides details on (official) death sentences around the world in 2007: on Reuters News

leaders of the pack: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the US – the 5 countries together account for almost 90% of all “official” executions.

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)US Geological survey says major earthquake in California within next 30 years is almost certain: on Science Daily and news video and local

scientists say its already long overdue – watch the video – other news: 588 small quakes last 7 days in CA.

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)Is the mobile web death? Yes / Yes or No

well, anyone wanting to use the Internet on-the-go, I guess will buy herself a device that can render web sites – so maybe no need for WAP and reduction to text providers as smartphones e.a. can display much much more.

favicon publisher(s)Dogs can now also use social software a Digg-style web site for pet lovers has launched: the site

someone here must have thought: web sites for pets are doing well, soc.web sites are doing well, why not rip-off a bit from both and call it new – will get our support when dogs do the voting – but then on the Internet nobody knows that you are a …

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favicon publisher(s)A new museum for vintage computers opens in Paris: museum web site

we’ll have a look the next time we are over there.

favicon publisher(s)CyberCarpet for VR worlds. First stop Pompeii: on BBC News

together with tracking, VR soft- and hardware the illusion of walking around the ancient city is created – includes video.

favicon publisher(s)Guardian and FT report that UK confidence into the housing market has dropped to a 30-year low: on The Guardian

still: For the money that buys you a lowest European standard built “toilet with attached kitchenette in London you get a palace elsewhere in Europe – how could you better define artificially high prices.

favicon publisher(s)Putin critic and artist Anna Mikhalchuk body found in Berlin – police considers it suicide: on Der Spiegel

she had disappeared during March in Berlin – Police still waiting for autopsy results.

favicon publisher(s)Iraq’s financial “free ride” might come to an end: on AP News

Not in this story but we would like to hear about: where are all the duffel bags with millions of dollars gone or how to buy ammunition and get a massage too.

favicon publisher(s)Nascar to the skies – Rocket Racing League will hold first exhibition races this year: on N.Y. Times

auto racing and air shows combined.

favicon publisher(s)R&B singer Beyonce Knowles is considering retirement: on N.Y. Daily News

not bad with 27 – but taking a few Duvet-Dayz is always a good idea.

favicon publisher(s)WoW tops 1 million simultaneous users in China alone: on Wired

we reported some Asia numbers a while ago here – and still (almost) nobody on SecondLife – advertising and press hype alone might not do the job.

favicon publisher(s)6 Maasai Warriors run London Marathon, say its easy, no lions: on The Guardian

well depends on how you look at it – have lunch or be lunch.

favicon publisher(s)Berlusconi scores landslide win in Italy: on AP News

now all supporter please go buy Alitalia tickets and fly down to Naples to clean up the mess – would be a start.

favicon publisher(s)Russian agency wants to have every WiFi device in Russia to be registered and linked to a person non-transferable: on The Other Russia

remember the time when citizens of some countries needed a visa to leave their own country – soon to come to a place not far away from you.

favicon publisher(s)Google gives up control of its KML geo file format and has passed it over to the OGC: on Google LatLong Blog

so when will they open up Google Earth a bit more.

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)A parody of the WSJ hits the streets and Murdoch freaks out: the parody site and a video

interesting sense of humor – but then if you have problems over problems all the time with one of your bigger investments…

favicon publisher(s)Interesting editorial on 2008 Elections – Millionaires accusing each other of elitism: on AlterNet

this had to be said.

favicon publisher(s)Texas oil veteran sets up USD 10 Billion wind park: on The Guardian

started his oil business with 2,500 USD made billions – now on to green energy to make a few more.

favicon publisher(s)favicon publisher(s)John Wheeler – physicist who coined the phrase “black hole” dies at age 96: on Daily Princetonian and on L.A. Times


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