Humor: Instructoart

Instructoart, the web site and the books of Matthew Vescovo, who calls himself the master of the obvious, feature step-by-step guides for everyday life situations or completely obvious things and are of course not intended to be useful.

Our online favorite – The Airkiss.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to Instructoart web site

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    We normally don’t watch car magazines on TV – with one or two exceptions. And our most favorite still is UK’s Top-Gear.

    As we’re traveling quite a bit we often end up watching it online. So there is one of their very best just made available online – Jeremy doing a review of a “really” small car.

    Well the smallest car of the world (according to the Guinness book of records) to be more precise. And watch what he does with it:

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    In fact, in July 1996, an official Queensland (Australia) Government Workplace Health and Safety Guide for the rapidly-growing crocodile industry was released that also included the fairly obvious advice such as “Do not place any part of one’s body in the mouth of a crocodile” and “Do not sit on the back of a crocodile”…

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