Other interesting things today [20080412]

img Info sign Other things we found interesting today:

(weekend edition )

  • The EFF pointed to another bon mot in the exaggerated copyright wars by the big record labels: Throwing away a promo CDs is “unauthorized distribution” on networkworld (Yeah, let the music play…)
  • The first lists on how to prepare for the next “Great Depression” are becoming popular: on io9 (always wanted a farm but prices have already exploded in many countries)
  • Head of the World Bank gets out to play the messenger for already know bad news – soaring food prices are causing hardship and starvation for poor people worldwide: on The Register and on The Worldbank (seven lost years indeed)
  • As if we wouldn’t have known it before Corporate loans = Investment banks, Hedge Funds and VCs are using the extra money from the Fed to push off their risks (to the tax payers). They of course keep the (extra) profits on Bloomberg News (looks like the “bank robbery” is just going on. They’ve already decided before how big their “tip” will be and now the tax payers will have to pay that plus of course the bill for the “whole lunch”.)
  • New York is going to implement a so called “Amazon” tax on Internet News (no N.Y. is not planning to tax female warriors it’s the online bookshop dude)

  • Nanoclusters break superconductivity record – at 200K: on arxivblog.com (The current world record for high temperature superconductivity is was 138 K)
  • Nude Bruni photo sells for $91,000 in auction on Reuters News (Now we finally know what a nude pic of a European country’s president’s wife is worth – 20 times its expected price)
  • D. Letterman asks and provides a video What if G.W. had been a Founding Father: on The Raw Story (a bit short)
  • IBM creates super-fast memory aka Racetrack and memory that will hold 100 times more data: on Crunchgear and on The Times online (what you’re gonna do with 500,000 songs on an iPod)
  • After the issues at Airbus now Boeing seems to have similar problems and is delaying its new Dreamliner again: on Gizmodo (I guess that gives the interior designers more time to create versions for the super-rich)

  • A freak storm hits Kuwait: on nowpublic.com (changing weather patterns everywhere)

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