Other interesting things today [20080411]

img Info sign Other things we found interesting today:

(not that much today so far)

  • CW / Gartner sees MS Windows “collapsing” and urges radical changes: on Computerworld and on PC World (anybody using Vista?)
  • Europe rejects plans to criminalize file-sharing: on Infoworld (next approach will be to block file shares through ISPs – oh, it’s already happening)
  • 3D is coming back to Tinsel town. All new Pixar movies will be 3D from 2009: on webpronews (looks like we might be able to use those red & green glasses from the 1970s again)
  • US mobile phone alert system (Commercial Mobile Alert System) will start 2010: on FCC (is that already a “Presidential Alert” or is it a “Imminent Threat Alert“)
  • Rise of the machines : US war robots in Iraq ‘turned guns’ on fleshy comrades on The Register (I guess they did not dream of mechanical sheep)

  • Virtual travel gets a new twist with the new release of MS LiveMaps: on Windows Live Blog (great new 3D views – have a look at the images)
  • The issues around the new 5th terminal at London Heathrow are slowly becoming a never ending story: Today BA sent out emails to their premium customers that the move of long haul flight to the new terminal originally planned for the end of this month will be delayed until June (for now -still looking for lost luggage).
  • The celestial dimension of Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation have finally been recognized by astronomers with the Hubble telescope: on newlaunches.com (nerds in space)
  • People starting to voice additional comparisons of this year’s Olympics: on Flickr (from our “its not getting better how you turn it” department)
  • The Drug mobs are now also switching from USD to EUR: on BBC News (we still have some 1920s German Inflation Marks as samples for new USD notes available – but maybe soon you have to print the Dollar bills yourself because otherwise it would be too expensive to hand out new ones)

  • Due to an aging Boing patent that “rebranded basic physics as a process” a new satellite will be “lost in space”: on space-travel.com (Hal can you please provide us with an answer to this question)
  • Learn how to fly in 5 easy steps: on photoshopcontest.com (image)

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