Other interesting things today [20080410]

img Info sign Other things we found interesting today:

(not that much today so far)

  • A chance to kill software patents: on endsoftpatents.org (we believe when software patents would be gone we will see a major innovation push in the IS industry – Please say bye-bye – it’s a win-win situation for everybody – except for SCO of course)
  • Humor: McCain and conspiracy theorists agree that Washington is Satanic: on BoingBoing.net (that of course also answers the question why there are carpeted floors in the Wash. Metrorail – it’s to protect against these evil forces) –
    And of course the original Wash.Post article (These Roads Aren’t Paved With Good Intentions)
  • Images from a time when flying had some glamor and you were not considered cattle: on Dark roasted blend (where is that Amber Valletta pic)
  • World Bank President Robert Zoellick is warning that high food prices could wipe out hard-won gains against poverty and malnutrition: on Reuters News (FAO expects food riots – well haven’t these already started – Haiti, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia even Singapore anyone? – now add natural disasters from global warming and you got the plot for Mad Max 2050)
  • Social Networking got an even more social component after new Facebook revelations by: Metro.co.uk (what a pity that she didn’t use Linked-In for that)

  • Up up we go and the sky is the limit – at least for oil prices these days: on Cnn.com (start planting Diesel trees and your kids can still enjoy cruising – no I’m not kidding – search for Copaifera langsdorfii )
  • IBM wants to patent “dealing with chaos”: on The Register (wait guys when our sneezing your nose patent comes through)
  • M.Mosley seems to get a few more pit stops on the Internet – he lost his case against “News of the World” – so they put up a new video too – on News of the World – (best comments on that so far plus a deep inside into the British soul by Roger Boyes, The Times – getting whipped before having tea)
  • Hugh Maclead deletes his Twitter account and its heavily discussed on the Internet: on his web log (anybody care? – I guess the world will still be here tomorrow with or without telling everybody that you just finished cooking eggs)

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