Other interesting things today [20080409]

img Info sign Other things we found interesting today:

  • German “robot” restaurant: on BBC News (includes video)
  • Flickr launches video service: on Techcrunch (does include videos of course)
  • HP releases specs for their answer to the Asus Eee: on Engadget (waiting for mine already)
  • Indonesia blocks YouTube because of Anti-Islam video: on Reporters without Borders (we will always find a reason to do whatever we want)
  • Wal-Mart Abandons Windows DRM, Sony/BMG and Warner: on Wired (just about time)

  • Another version of the “Perfect library”: on Daily Telegraph (great selection, 110 best books – from classics to Science Fiction)
  • CSS Naked day – 1600 sites participating so far: on Dustin Diaz (some sites look actually better like that)
  • Brazil migrates voting machines to GNU/Linux: on Techforce (all 430,000 machines)
  • GAO: Millions wasted for Internet dating, tailor-made suits, lingerie on government credit cards: on Yahoo News (add that to the 1 Trillion USD per year as Reader Digest reported recently)
  • Adobe releases media playing software: on ReadWriteWeb (Adobe Flash coming to the desktop)

  • The 100 most influential people in IT: on eweek (we love lists)
  • World smallest 8GB USB drive: on Far east gizmos (6gm the size of a nickel)
  • IMF says US crisis is “largest financial shock since Great Depression”: on The Guardian (one-in-four chance of a full-blown global recession over the next 12 months)
  • Goldman Sachs Level 3 Assets Jump, Exceeding Rivals: on Bloomberg News (their filings for last quarter are out – and they lost money on more trading days then their competitors – hmmmmm)
  • Real estate site offers Google Street View: on CNet News (new virtual tours become possible, strolling through the neighborhood)

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