Design: Create a bowl from a topographic map

Austrian Design shop FluidForms that offers individualized designs now also provides a service to create wooden bowls based on topographic maps.

To create your own bowl – for your home location or a place you like – go to their web site and in 3 quick steps you will have the design finished and can preview it in an interactive 3D viewer.

You just select the location you want by entering a place name and will then be able to adjust it on a map.

“…Each part of the earth is unique in then design of her heights and depths. Fluidforms enables customers to have a piece of this singularity on a table at home. The different contour lines of a chosen area define the shape of the bowl. An expedition into landscapes and cities only known from hiking. The earth becomes a sensory experience, that can be filled with the fruits of the earth…”

The resulting bowl is about 30cm x 30 cm and made from laminated beach wood. Other sizes are available on request.

Click on the image below for the link

link to Fluid Form web site

More information on the FluidForms web site.

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