Humor: Subway Begging

We have heard that the current financial crisis is hitting white collar workers at Wall Street incredibly hard – read: Look’s like there won’t be a 10 Million USD bonus this year for destroying a billion or two of other peoples money – but now it seems it has really gone bad.

Watch a member of these “almost nouveau poor” Subway begging on his way to work.

One of his begging lines:

“…I’m a financially stable man. I live out of Long Island. I’m gonna spend some time in the Hamptons this summer like I always do – but – I need to shine my shoes before I get to my job on Wall Street and my Movado watch is a little loose on the wristband – give me your money…”

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

This is actually a sketch by comedian Bob Wiltfong from about a year ago but today it looks almost real.

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