Humor: A Patent on how to propose marriage

This is definitely the best patent application we’ve seen for a long time. A patent on how to propose marriage.

We’re sure you will already start smiling if you look at the drawing but wait until you read the patent application.

“…The purpose of this invention is to provide an improved method of proposing marriage to an individual. The method of proposing to an individual generally comprising the steps of meeting the individual; exchanging names with the individual; dating the individual (not necessary); drafting a government document having a proposal to marry the individual incorporated therein; and showing the government document to the individual. The government document may be a patent application…”

The best claim in our opinion is claim 40 (below):

“…40. The method of claim 37 wherein at least one claim of the patent application recites: “Ellie I’ve been in love with you for the last five years. I’ve known this since the day we met and the time we’ve spent together since that day has only made me realize this fact more. You have been by my side in every way a person could possibly hope and I would like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you please marry me?” …

Click on the image below for the link

link to Google Patents

The full patent application text at the US PTO
The patent application with drawing at Google Patents as PDF download.

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