Science: Time / Space continuum breaks open around the globe

img Galaxy wormhole Today, April 1st after various warnings raised by leading scientists during the last months, the selective opening of the Time / Space continuum could be observed at locations around the world.

Renown astronomer Gabriel Sunbreek had alarm bell ringing about 3 months ago when he, together with his team, for the first time discovered the brief opening of wormholes inside our solar system. Closely to Mars two of these phenomenons had opened up for about 5 to 7 minutes – enough to allow alien matter to enter our galaxy close to earth (in astronomical terms).

Together with colleagues he attributed the selective occurrence of breaks within the Time / Space continuum to global warming and increased pollution. The connection to the newly found wormholes is still being evaluated.

“…What is puzzling us most is the selective occurrence of the phenomenon. For example, today when breaks in time were observed at multiple locations, some humans seemed to be immune to these universal elements. We are not sure yet but early results indicate that humans, who did have their pancakes for breakfast, were immune to the phenomenon…”

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link to science web site with locations Images of occurrences quickly made it on to the Internet and strangely also videos are planned to be made available documenting how differently people were affected by these new phenomenons.

While for some time stood completely still for minutes, others seemed to have just continued as if nothing was happening.

“…it must be the pancakes…there can’t be another explanation but we are still further investigating… There is of course one positive effect – the new wormholes will soon allow us to travel to new galaxies. ..”

…Dr. Sunbreek added within our exclusive interview.

We are currently waiting for confirmations of these events from radio telescope sites around the world.

An overview of already available results, locations where the phenomenons have been observed today and images are available at Dr Sunbreek’s web site.

Note: We though it was pretty obvious but anyway this was of course our 50 cents contribution to April Fools Day.

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