Humor: The best 2008 April Fool Pranks

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Web site of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launches Victimless Nuggets

Gizmodo offers Mr. T termination services. A true A-Team post.

EcoWorldly reports on Bush and Chavez having adopted a Fair Trade Agreement . We always knew – opposites attract.

MS Blog Channel 9 introduces a new Spam Filter for Videos . We thought it was already on. launches USB Rocket Shoes . And they have by this also provided proof how far 5 Volts can get you. USB Port Hub included

Movie site Twitch provides great news on a Indiana Jones sequel . Just what we have been waiting for.

PHP has finally given in to industry pressure and switch to ASP . Sad but things come – things go.

UK gaming site has the ultimate device ready: The Double Bass Controller for Guitar Hero. Bring it on – yeah,yeah, yeah.

US Political site “The Political Whore” aka “Creative Loafing Tampa” already knows more and tells us that Hillary Clinton drops out of the race. No comments.

UK Newspaper The Telegraph got chatty and reveals one of the last secrets of mankind and science: Monkeys were the first doctors . Now we know how low NHS levels really have dropped in the UK .

UK Philharmonia orchestra invites members of the audience to participate in concerts . We are looking forward to the Proms hoping to finally get our musical talents recognized.

US Universe Today reports on a new scheme for Nasa to burn sponsor logos into the surface of Mars. Great image – Don’t let anybody at GAO see this article – or you might soon be reading McMars in the sky. informs on news that the United Nations ordered closure of the United Nations . Sorry has already happened – you’re a few years late. Activity you see at N.Y. headquarters and in Geneva is solely bureaucrats finalizing the inventory for the final auction sell-off.

Think Gene genetics web site reports on the successful creation of a human bear pig chimera . It’s a boy, it’s a girl, a human, a bear, a pig, a chimera – well, well, well – anyway nice image on top

UK The Register (also see above) tells us that the CIA demands UK to halt interrogation tactics . We always knew – there is a disorientation program going on this island.

US site The Onion – well with them you can’t be sure if its an April 1st prank – has a post on the Aristocratization of Brooklyn . There are castles popping up everywhere now why not in Brooklyn.

PC World informs on a new Google program to organize all human ignorance . Will there by a desktop widget available for guys?

In another prank UK The Register (see above) reports on an incident with computer equipment: Teacher head explodes due to WiFi . You could not wait until WiMax is used more widely, now you’ve killed our quest for world domination – damn

And another prank by Google (see above). This one’s for their Calendar application. New feature that will wake you up with a shower . Hot or cold ? Or will that be implemented with the next version?

US “I want one of those” has added a new device to their assortment of goods: The Dynamo Green Keyboad . Nice image

Google Sightseeing reveals news on Google’s plan to introduce X-Ray and Heat Maps to Google Earth and Maps. Now I finally know where I was 2005.

US News Media site ESPN announces the coverage of the Election Death Match between Clinton and Obama. Panis et Circencis now you Americans are finally getting this ancient European concept – carry on – BTW need some lions ?

US Weather web site “Wunder Blog” tells us about the hurricanes – global warming connection The journal of irreproducible results – nice

US Automobile magazine announces that Oldsmobile returns to Market . Will it be a hybrid – green car ? Like a Toyota Oldsmobile Prius

The New York Times reports on plans by the US Navy to commission a women only submarine . Note: No word about the color – no it won’t be pink – the only pink one we know was shown in “Operation Petticoat” with Cary Grant.

Whoa, one of our longest posts so far…

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