Humor: The best 2008 April Fool Pranks

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US: (general)

link to prank Keep Ely in Minnesota. In order to boost tourism whole town to be sold to Canada.

“…Today it was announced that Canada has made an unprecedented offer, as a boost to tourism, to purchase the famous Boundary Waters town of Ely, Minn., and relocate it north of the U.S./Canadian border…”

UK: Guardian (general)

link to Guardian prank UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown appoints Carla Bruni-Sarkozy to injecting more style and glamour into British national life.

“…Moving rapidly to capitalise on the national explosion of Carlamania, which saw Bruni-Sarkozy heralded as a new Princess Diana during the French state visit to the UK last week, Brown will formally announce the latest addition to his “government of all the talents” in a speech tomorrow …”

Canada: Smart Canucks (general / technical)

link to Smart Canucks prank RadioShack is offering Super Nintendo console at discount price. Also includes a video

US: (general)

link to Smart PhillyBurbs prank Is PhillyBurbs the new Google. Looks like…

US: Polar Bear Conservancy (general)

link to Polar Bear Conservancy prank Relocation of Polar Bears to Antarctica will commence soon. And McCain voiced support for it…

“…The Polar Bear Conservancy will begin relocation of the first Arctic polar bears to Antarctica on Earth Day, April 22, 2008. The relocation will be the initial step in a planned five-year program to migrate 3,000 polar bears from the Northern Arctic to the southern continent of Antarctica …”

US: TechConsumer (general / technical)

link to TechConsumer prank Digg founders share insides on how Digg is rigged. Think of it more like a game…

“…You see, on the surface it sure feels democratic. I mean, when you first visit the site, you’d have no idea of all the complexity behind the algorithm that determines what’s popular. You just see the way diggs accumulate, one per person, and assume it’s a democratic way for stories to be voted to the front page of Digg…”

US: EarthCam (general)

link to EarthCam prank 360 Degree Cam. See Thyme Square like never before…

“…View the one-day 360 – degree webcam experiment using exclusive suspension technology…”

US: ITProPortal (general / technical)

link to ITProPortal prank Apple to bundle Windows Vista with Mac laptops and desktops. Would that be called “added value” ???

“…Apple’s Steve Jobs has struck a deal with Microsoft to sell Windows Vista operating system with its popular range of Mac notebooks, desktops and workstations …”

US: Deal a Day Golf (general)

link to Deal a Day Golf prank Play a foursome with Tiger Woods. Sale Price USD 10 (regular 100,000.00 USD)

“…You foursome will include you, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rick Astley …”

US: Fandango (general)

link to Fandango prank DiCaprio Signs for Titanic 2. Link to the Titanic 2 trailer on YouTube included.

“…Plot details are sketchy, but one version that has been slowly leaking onto the Internet finds DiCaprio’s character, Jack Dawson, last seen submerged and turning blue, being picked up by a Portuguese trawler and miraculously thawed out …”

US: The Spoof (general / technical)

link to The Spoof prank It actually wouldn’t be such a bad move – but of course a pretty bold one. Microsoft cancels Windows Vista.

Update: There are more pranks on this site – you might end up on the index site – use link for the MS story.

“…As of April 26, 2008, Vista will no longer be sold as a retail or an OEM product. Nor will it be updated or acknowledged as a product. Existing units of Vista already in the pipeline will be given a $40 US rebate and a card good for a copy of XP …”

UK: The Register (general / technical)

link to The Register prank Comcast acquires BitTorrent for $53bn.

“…Just hours after acquiring BitTorrent Incorporated for $53bn in cash and stock, Comcast has shutdown the tiny San Francisco company, assuring customers and shareholders that its doors will never reopen…”

US: The Consumerist (general)

link to The Consumerist prank Helpful Grocery Shopping Tips From The Conglomerist. And always, always, always buy things from the middle shelf.

“…Always buy the value pack. If you see a box that’s bigger, that means it’s always cheaper to buy that one. Make sure not to check the unit pricing because everyone knows that’s totally boring and a huge waste of time…”

US: InfoWorld (general / technical)

link to InfoWorld pranks A whole series of fake articles here. From Google buys FaceBook to HP Server runs on hot air.

Best so far: Two laptop a child and Cisco vs. Black & Decker

US: Wikipedia (general)

link to Wikipedia prank Wikipedia has a whole set of pranks hidden on their main page. From Today’s featured article to On this day

“…1865 – Ordered to hold five forks, Confederate General George Pickett instead lost almost 3,000…”

US: xkcd and Questionable Content (general)

link to xkcd and Questionable Content prank Cross linking sites. If you open xkcd you land on Questionable Content and vice versa (with one more step in between).

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