From our does it blend department : Is going down tonight?

link to Digg.comWe were impressed how well their web site scaled to the ever increasing user numbers. And they’ve been adding features over features. But tonight it seems for the first time the site is going down on its knees.

While the servers still reply immediately to any ping or traceroute packets, the wait for pages has now sometimes increased to minutes (we checked from different locations and through fat pipes).

We’re looking forward to learn what the reason was and how they’ve solved it.

Update 27-03-2008 00:46 UTC:
Traceroute requests to now also time out – check for yourself at

Update 27-03-2008 04:08 UTC: seems to be back close to normal and dynamic pages are provided in a speed similar to its static pages again.
Great work there guys!

Note: We have been informed that the last two hops on a Traceroute requests to always time out – nevertheless that was not a key item of the overall problem

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