Environment: Greenpeace guide to greener electronics

Environment campaigning organization Greenpeace has yesterday published the 7th issue of its “Guide to greener electronics” that ranks the top 18 manufactures of personal computers, mobile phones, TVs and game consoles based on their policies how to handle toxic chemicals and recycling of their goods.

In the latest version Samsung and Toshiba are leading the group with 7.7 out of 10 possible points for their policies on toxic chemicals use, e-waste amd recycling. While Toshiba took the crown this time for its continuous improvement, previous leader Sony Ericsson dropped to 7th place for not properly enacting their policies but instead pushing responsibilities off to local service partners.

Almost no change happened on the lowest ranks still occupied by Microsoft (4.7), Philips (4.3) and Nintendo (0.3).

The guide is issued quarterly and was first published in 2006. More information and the full list with explanations at the Greenpeace web site.

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link to Greenpeace web site

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