Humor: The 10.5 most stupidest captchas on the web

link to Flickr imageCaptchas have been around now for a few years but still some web sites use them more as a Darwin award then a Turing test.

For them it seems that captchas help to keep traffic from annoying passers-by at a minimum.

Here is our collection of the funniest, most unusual or plain unusable captchas – 10.5 ways to assure that (almost ) nobody will be able to access your web site.

1. The Matrix captcha

img matrix code falling
img matrix data entry

Well known for its strong access control and nearly insolubility. Can be further tightened with Chinese, Japanese or Sanskrit characters.

2. Einstein’s portal

img captcha math test

This one exists in multiple variations. Unresolvable or nonsense equations and some you can actually crack with the Google calculator (if you can’t find your Math PhD documents at that very moment).

Link for this example:

3. The Rorschach test

img captcha Rorschach

The Rorschach captchas have dual functionality build-in. First they allow to test the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of potential users for your web site, and secondly they are excellent for testing the patience of visitors. Use more than one within a single data entry process and the popularity of your web site is guaranteed.

Image link for this example: Flickr

7 more captchas plus cartoons after the jump

4. The Happy Eastern captcha

img captcha Happy Eastern

Very popular in spring. Can be enhanced with multiple colors. Alternative versions use page color for entry field’s foreground and background color.

Image link for this example: Flickr

5. The Chess Master’s revenge

img captcha Chess

Provide endless fun (>10exp9 combinations) to your users. Can be further enhanced with a bonus question, e.g. name start position (Catalan opening: Benoni variation is shown)

6. The six year old

img captcha six year old

Welcome to the wonderful world of children drawings. It’s a house, no it’s a plane…

Image link for this example: Flickr

7. The dog ate my code

img captcha No code

Clean, plain design, no code implemented. Guaranteed no disturbing requests from users.

Image link for this example: Flickr

8. The Crazy Scientist

img captcha Crazy Scientist

Very popular with student web sites. Let your visitors do your homework.

Link for this example:

9. The Hidden Message

img captcha hidden message

Advertise the content of your web site with captchas. Political messages create most fun with closed user groups.

Image link for this example: Flickr

9a. The Hidden Message (2)

img captcha hidden message 2

A variation of the previous captcha type. You can sell goods and services with your captcha too.

Link for this example:

10. Don’t be insulted just type dude

img captcha insult

Always entertaining and the first lackmus test for your users before they start accessing your half ready web site.

Image links for this example: and Flickr

Bonus: Captcha Comics

click on the images for the links

link to xkcd

Xkcd: A new captcha approach

link to Geek and Poke

Geek & Poke: Simply Explained 9 – Captcha

link to handrooster

HandRooster: I’m a bot

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