Melodyne – Direct Note Access

The German company Celemony has announced that the new version of their popular audio editing software Melodyne will allow access to individual notes and chords within audio files. This is almost incredible – but if it works as shown in their video they really have made the impossible possible.

We are talking polyphonic audio (wave) recording here and not MIDI input. The abilities of the technology called “Direct Note Access” range from changing single notes of individual instruments to transposing the whole harmony of the recording e.g. from major to minor.

During the press conference at the music fair in Frankfurt, Germany this week the company demonstrated the software by changing the melody played by the lead trumpet of a jazz combo with the keyboard and notes played by a string quartet in another recording in the same way.

The release of the software is scheduled for Autumn 2008. Watch the video on their web site to believe it.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to Melodyne DNA video

Note: A copy of the video is also available at YouTube.

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