The 7 dirtiest IT jobs

img nerds crossingThere are glamorous jobs in every profession and then there are the other ones. But no organization could survive if the dirty jobs would not be done as well. Think of the guy who puts the trolleys together at your supermarket and you know what we are talking about. So which are those kind of jobs when it comes down to IT.

Well, InfoWorld put a rather funny list up on what they call “The 7 dirtiest jobs in IT“.

If you ever get through the ad jungle displayed before the pages come up its definitely worth a read (includes the comments some of them are quite good).

We really liked the descriptions of the key abilities for example: …Excellent entry-level opportunity for multitasking individual with low self-esteem…

If it wouldn’t all be so true. Anyway below is the list of the 7 jobs:

  • No. 7: Legacy systems archaeologist
  • No. 6: Help desk zombie
  • No. 5: On-site reboot specialist
  • No. 4: Interdepartmental peace negotiator
  • No. 3: Enterprise espionage engineer (black ops)
  • No. 2: Datacenter migration specialist
  • No. 1: Sludge systems architect

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