Opinion: Rants and Raves

While we wait for the results to come in from Texas and Ohio take a moment, turn off and away from all the well shaped speaches you might tonight hear again.

Today its 75 years ago that Franklin D. Roosevelt held his inauguration speech, his speech to seal the “new deal“.

FDR’s “new deal” was first aimed at recovering society from the atrocities and disasters created by free-running capitalism that led to the great depression of the 1920s. This did include disciplining business and “…bolster unionization, pension the elderly…give relief to the needy, and extend a hand to the forgotten man… .

…Throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government, look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth… I pledge myself to a new deal for the American people. This is more than a political campaign. It is a call to arms…

Does this sound all to familiar and could or wasn’t that just said by some hopeful politicians during the last days. But times are much different today.

In early 1930s people stood up for their rights and fought back, today they seem to take everything as inevitable like sheep ready to be slaughtered. In the 1930s people in Iowa and Minnesota armed themselves to prevent banks from foreclosing on their farms and some 25,000 World War I veterans marched to Washington, camping out near the Congress and asking for money. When they were forced out at gun point, a smell of revolution was in the air. It were actions like these that forced the establishment to allow changes and benefits to a broader group of society to take place. And it should be remembered that later when things calmed down many of FDR’s new deal changes were rolled back or abolished.

What we are trying to say here is not that you should arm yourselves and storm into banks, but to stand up for your rights. And be assured nothing will change by voting for a candidate that tells the words but does not feel the pressure of actually putting change into place. To often and to easily in the recent past some got away with just scapegoating one or two figurehead to focus, spin and manage public opinion. But at no point they truly considered to actually change something. Oh, of course, a lot of talk about change was in the air. But do you feel any change – besides that you now have even less than before. And what happened after some promised to put an end to activities in business or banking that not so long ago would have put a man into prison for a very long time. Nothing, its just labeled differently. Look at the actions taken, cui bono…and you will know.

Getting back to 75 years ago where we started, the same time FDR declaring his intentions thousands critics or of different political opinion were arrested by the GeStaPo in Germany and in the U.S. nobody even realized. BTW, what is actually happening in Russia, or in many other places in this world?

In completely unrelated news the current U.S. administration is still trying to sell you stories about how they will better the world including but not limited to bringing peace to the middle east – yes they seriously still have the chutzpah to tell this – after hundred of thousands died. At the same time the Israeli Airforce is bombing the Gaza strip and the Palestinians besides throwing stones back at the militias shooting some garage made rockets back into their territory.

We recently heard some quite interesting quote (not that we would agree with it but it’s quite an interesting point of view). While so many Western countries today are talking about islamic terror activities and causalities actually only about 5,000 thousand people have been killed directly related to such actions. At the same time the death toll of activities by Western countries adds up to hundred of thousands. This might explain the negative feelings particularly Americans experience in so many more countries today.

So where’s the change. Well its not with those that now or soon will become a new class of migrant workers – just like in the 1930s but maybe this time not just on the farms of the middle west but around the factories all over the country. If the so called Neo-Liberals will have an opportunity to continue on their way.

So now – if you have not done so before – go out and have your vote count.

Because – as we say – hope dies last…

Note: Time on this blog is UTC so 75 years ago it was 4th of March, 1933 in the U.S.

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