Games / Multi-touch screens: The Fentix Cube

We came across the name Andrew Fentem a few times when we did research on multi-touch screens the last years. The Fentix Cube one of his most recent work is the first cubic multi-touchscreen games platform. In the video clip below the Fentix Cube has been programmed to emulate a Rubik’s cube puzzle.

…Featuring a unique ultra-bright (even in daylight) full-colour cubic screen and a unique cubic multitouch touchscreen technology (patent pending) this games platform has been programmed to implement various multi-dimensional games, puzzles, and lighting effects…

In our understanding the video shows the great potential of such a gaming platform or even the potential use of cubic or other geometric shapes as input devices.

We believe it would be interesting to see such a device combined within an augmented reality game like for example the AR game LevelHead or used as an adaptive input device within data mining etc.

More information on this and other projects by Andrew Fentem (- we still like the INTERACTIVE FLOORING SYSTEMS -) at his web site.

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

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