Opinion: Olbermann timeline or the Nexus of Politics and Terror

Last Thursday night during MSNBC Countdown Keith Olbermann presented a timeline of what he calls the “Nexus of Politics and Terror” in the USA. Events are clustered together into 13 time groups starting 18-May-2002 to show how the government and administration in the US has put spin on old, untrue or hold-back information to suppress other stories or influence news and the public towards their political agendas.

The video starts with an intro on the most recent FISA voting:

…it’s now official that this is not just about laws they broke in the past, this is also about the laws they will break in the future…

A-Blog Huffington Post posted a link to the video yesterday and like always on such controversial topics a heated discussion started on the comments pages for the post.

…The clip is 17 minutes long and entirely worth it, and its conclusion — “what we were told about terror, and not told, for security reasons, has overlapped considerably with what we were told about terror, and not told, for political reasons” — is a dutiful summary of the past six years…

Click on the image below for the link

link to Huffington Post article

The video ends with the following line:

…it underscores the need for questions to be asked, and asked continuingly in this nation, questions about what is prudence and what is merely fear mongering…

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