Humor: Chasing saints at Ebay

There are web sites sieving through the offers of the online auction house Ebay to find the strangest, funniest or famous people selling things. There are people offering themselves or their services like women as party gags etc.

And you might have heard about it when in 2004 a slice of toast said to have an in-print of Holy Mary’s face reached offers of USD 20 Millions (it actually was sold later for USD 28,000 and is now displayed at a casino with other Ebay curiosities). So yesterday CNN was running a report on what was described in the offer at Ebay as “Virgin Mary pretzel” and the object went for USD 16,000.

So as with most successful pranks soon there will be copy-cats. A piece of wood as Moses’ staff or some animal crackers as Noah’s Ark Animals and of course many, many more pretzels…

But the best one is the student who offers a bag of Golden Rolls where he can see saints and even the afterlife in it. We guess he is not “…spending the better part of today peering through the window of this bag of pretzels…” anymore but we can only say to all of those who shop for such stuff:

Please God send them brains not pretzels…

img golden rolls saints

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