Microsoft provides free developer tools to students worldwide

If you’re a student of an university around the world Microsoft today is giving you a late Christmas present.

From today on Microsoft allows students worldwide to download developer tools including VS Professional 2008 and 2005, a copy of MS Server 2003, VirtualPC, SQL Server 2005 Dev. Edition, Expression Studio plus additional development tools free of charge.

All you have to do is to use your MS Live account (or a newly created one) to log into the site and provide the country and name of your university. The verification of your student status will then be done within about a minute via a web service ( we learned this from someone who has done it with an UK university, might take longer with others). The license key allows you to use the software for student projects and research. Teaching staff and commercial use is excluded.

You can download ISO images to create DVDs / CDs of the software packages. We don’t know yet if the MSDN Premium Edition with MS Visio EA is also included like with the normal VS Professional edition.

More information at the MS DreamSpark web site.

Click on the image below for the link

link to Microsoft DreamSpark

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