Internet: ordered offline by US court logoThe BBC today has an article online about, a website that allows whistle-blowers to anonymously post government and corporate documents.

The BBC reports that “…following a California court ruling, the site been taken offline in the US…” Well seemingly that’s not completely true. You won’t get access to the site via but that’s because the DNS server entries have been deleted.

But hey – there are other ways. You can access the site’s content at other servers on the Internet (see image below). We suggest searching for the web site’s name and DNS and you might find it yourself. Popular bookmarking sites might also turn out helpful.

While you can question the motives why people upload documents to this site or even question the content of some of them, definitely had a rough ride the last days.

Within days they endured a fire in their server room, massive DDoS attacks and censorship threats – as they say “completely unrelated” to the case the court in California has ruled today (on tax avoidance documents regarding a Swiss bank) or “leaked documents” on the Northern Rock scandal in the UK.

Nevertheless, some things are still working on the Internet and you can continue to access the documents. Just take the information with a grain of salt…

Click on the image below for the link

link to BBC article

Also completely unrelated:

During the last days the German secret service bought for about EUR 5 millionsleaked documents” from a bank in Lichtenstein (a small independent country inside Switzerland) on tax avoidance by German citizens and passed this data on to the German Inland Revenue services.

The web site of the German secret service is still up and nobody is trying to censor them – well, just kidding…

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