Image: What’s inside my laptop

If you ever wondered what’s under the hood of your laptop but were afraid to open it yourself then BusinessWeek has a set of great images that shows you how the plumbing is done inside your machine.

The article Building the perfect laptop provides insides on Lenovo’s new superslim ThinkPad X300 and the story behind it. Also some comparisons to Apple’s MacBook Air (for more of this have a look at the table published by Engadget today)

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…The X300 isn’t perfect. Perhaps no computer can be. But its development over the past 20 months shows the journey of one team striving for perfection, while at the same time being forced to make hard compromises. Lenovo doesn’t expect the X300, with prices ranging from $2,700 to $3,000, to be a huge seller. They believe it will be a “halo” product, leading to positive reinforcement for the corporate brand and for the more affordable ThinkPads…

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