Quote of the day: Iraq

img Churchill silhouette small I hate Iraq.
I wish we had never gone to the place…

Winston Churchill, 1926

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    A new survey by ABC News, the BBC and the leading German TV news show has been published today. The survey that after 2004 and 2005 has now been conducted a third time demonstrates a strong deterioration of people’s hope and lives in Iraq. Millions more just want to leave and most – in difference to the previous surveys – now believe it is right to fight the Americans. More than 2000 participants across Iraq have been interviewed for this…

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  4. Yee-ha Is Not a Foreign Policy… seen on a wall inside the Emerald City, Baghdad, Iraq …is this the end of the yellow brick road…

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  6. We have been rather lazy to put up new content on this site (sorry for that, but we are preparing for a quite large project in the moment) so now just another short one (much more to come the next weeks):From the prologue of one of the books we are currently reading (Imperial Life in [...]

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  8. I have seen the future, and it’s very much like the present, only longer. Woody Allen

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