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Earthrace – the last run on its 2007 record attempt (Part 2)

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Earlier this year – in May – we had a chance to participate for a few days on the attempt of “Earthrace” to break the UIM world record for circumnavigation with their bio-diesel boat.
(this post a continuation of the post Earthrace – the last run on its 2007 record attempt (Part 1) )

We have (together with another company) sponsored their last leg on their attempt to break the world record during 2007. On their “web site” there is now information that their second run to break the record will commence in March 2008 from Valencia, Spain. Good luck with that…

While a lot could be said about the 4-5 days leg from Port Suez to Valencia we participated – one thing’s for sure – it was quite an experience.

We have not taken many images after heading out into the Mediterranean, but some of the pictures from the Suez Canal came out quite well…

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Happy Holidays from

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We would like to thank all our readers for their support and their feedback.
Best wishes and safe, happy holidays!

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Quote of the day: Iraq

I hate Iraq. I wish we had never gone to the place… Winston Churchill, 1926

Video: Did you know 2.0

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This is the official update to the original “Shift Happens” video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod with new and updated statistics….

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Music: Led Zeppelin Reunion

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How to tell if an event was a great and global success. Well the Led Zeppelin concert in London this Monday definitely put the bar up quite a bit for others.

If 2,000,000 want to come and you have to distribute the tickets through a lottery to the lucky 20,000 that’s definitely an indication. If news stations around the world are reporting on the event at prime time even a better one. Not to mention the hundreds of web blogs, news paper and magazine sites.

And if on web sites from YouTube to MySpace hundreds of video clips of the event appear within 24 hours – we stopped counting on YouTube at 250 – you have definitely won the crowds over…

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Quote of the day: Life

I‘ve been around quite a bit and seen people from many walks of life. There have been good times and not so good ones, but when I could and saw fit I’ve always tried to give back and helped others. And they have been taking freely when things were going well but left me for [...]