Music: Deutsche Grammophon starts online shop

The highly reputable Deutsche Grammophon has tonight started to provide many of its classic music recordings as MP3 downloads.

Like its parent company, Universal Music Group that already earlier this year has begun offering music recordings without digital rights management protection, Deutsche Grammophon will provide the downloads DRM free through its online shop called DG web shop.

The store currently offers about 2,400 albums including 600 out-of-print CDs as high quality 320 kbps (vs. 128-192 kbps standard rate) MP3s. You can download complete works, individual tracks or whole albums.

The tracks can be played on iTunes and other MP3 player or burned onto a CDROM. Album downloads include PDF booklets. Videos, links and further information including detailed descriptions of single tracks are available online.

Click on the images below for the link

link to DG web shop

Albums are priced at about USD 11 and single tracks are available for about USD 1.3 each. You can download the files from 42 countries including Russia, China or India.

The countries also include markets where iTunes currently is not available and – with the current USD / EUR parity (1.5) – the tracks are substantially cheaper in America and other USD denominated markets as DG web shop sells them 1 USD to 1 EUR.

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