A new type of spam

Everybody who runs a web site or blog knows what I’m talking about – SPAM
To us it is a continuous phenomenon that people are clogging the web with nonsense like this.

Pharmaceuticals, enhancements of your body parts, people doing things in front of cams you name it…

But luckily there is help around and I’m sure almost anybody is using spam filters today. We for example receive an average of about 1,000 smd (spam messages per day) these days – our “record day” was beyond 10,000 – but hey it takes one click and they are gone.

But now there are some new types of messages coming around of which we would like to highlight two:

The first one (pictured below) uses a cop/paste legitimate text from documents or books to look like a normal comment. Well two things: First the text normally is not related to the post – bye-bye. Second, if you have a closer look you might realize that its just cut out from a document…

The second one is potentially more dangerous.

It uses a similar approach like the first scam but includes multiple links to your web site. So what you might say – but what happens if you mark such a message as spam. We have so far not received an answer from our provider but we assume that they not just discard all the links in such messages.

So we suggest until this is clarified that you just delete these messages or defer them for later (and then mark them as spam what they are)

img spam filter

Note: The about 110,000 messages blocked are since our last reset a few months ago…

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