Quote of the day: Trouble

img pillar small To all of you who still remember humanistic ideas and believe that ethics differentiate us from the hairy things living on trees, may today be a long time jubilee for you or not…

..if trouble’s coming your way, just keep on smiling and say – it will not matter – a hundred years from today…
old English children song

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  2. TAIAAMAI Speaks of this place where the birds and trees are always smiling and provide us with warmth in both good and bad times. Maori prayer, seen in New Zealand, Northern Island, Taiamai region

  3. Quote of the Day: Joseph Gerrald
  4. link to article
    From a sign in the Sydney Botanical Garden put up close to the place where Joseph Gerrald’s (one of the “Scottish Martyrs”) grave once was:

    For myself, my friend, whatever destiny awaits me, I am content. The cause which I have embraced has taken deep root, and must, I feel, ultimately triumph. I have my reward. I see through the cheering vista of future events the overthrow of tyranny, and the permanent establishment of benevolence and peace. It is as silent as the lapse of time, but as certain and inevitable.

    Joseph Gerrald, 17 May 1795
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  5. Quote of the Day: Foreign Policy
  6. Yee-ha Is Not a Foreign Policy… seen on a wall inside the Emerald City, Baghdad, Iraq …is this the end of the yellow brick road…

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  8. I have seen the future, and it’s very much like the present, only longer. Woody Allen

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