How to get your lobster dancing

img Shark small Many believe sharks are just killing machines, but apparently they have feelings too.
Some researchers at Sea Life Center in Germany were trying to find out how to get them into a “cuddly mood”. With many people candle light dinners and the right music does the job.

Well we don’t know about the candles but the researchers are playing music to them and it seems to work.

So what’s high up on the shark charts:

Classical tunes from Bach as well as Euro-Pop from Britney S. seemingly don’t have the desired effect and music from Bob Marley calms them down to a point where they lose interest in each other.

But if they listen to Joe Cocker’s “…You can leave your hat on…” they go completely crazy for each others…

Other songs high up in the “charts” are Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” or Justin Timberlake “Rock Your Body”. And other sea creatures seem to like music too. Lobsters that are normally shy and hide in caves or behind rocks start dancing when they listen to Hip-Hop.

There is a practical reason behind all that. Many of the tropical sharks in the water tanks of Sea Life are on the brink of extinction and so far they were reluctant to “mate” or there was no success to get them to lay eggs. Playing music to them seemingly has changed this and the first successful results are in.

Note: During the experiment music was played to the sharks and other animals in the tanks twice a day for about an hour and researches watched reactions to it. While the fish did not show any reaction to Britney S. teenage visitors to the aquariums did…

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