Quote of the day: Future

I have seen the future, and it’s very much like the present, only longer.

Woody Allen

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  2. Some warning signs to be seen in the future, part of a set created by Arenamontanus via Neat O Rama

  3. Hungary: Future Films
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    If you like great web design – have a look. If you want to find out what is happening in Hungary’s film industry and advertising one more reason to hop over to Future Films web site…

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  5. Video: Mobile devices of the future
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    Intel has just recently shown its new generation of a “mobile (UMPC) platform” at the IDF in China that was only briefly demonstrated at the CeBIT earlier this year.

    The new “handheld PCs” available later this year will be far more powerful than the current devices but the major steps forward by size, processing power, battery life and displays are expected for 2008.

    At the same time Intel introduced its vision of future devices with the video below. Great ideas, we really liked the watch-like device…
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  7. Quote of the Day: Joseph Gerrald
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    From a sign in the Sydney Botanical Garden put up close to the place where Joseph Gerrald’s (one of the “Scottish Martyrs”) grave once was:

    For myself, my friend, whatever destiny awaits me, I am content. The cause which I have embraced has taken deep root, and must, I feel, ultimately triumph. I have my reward. I see through the cheering vista of future events the overthrow of tyranny, and the permanent establishment of benevolence and peace. It is as silent as the lapse of time, but as certain and inevitable.

    Joseph Gerrald, 17 May 1795
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