Time: Melting and collapsing iceberg videos

While watching calving icebergs or glaciers always has been kind of spectacular for most people, these days with continuously shrinking polar ice caps something might be different.

Watch the videos to see how even a “small piece” or iceberg collapsing can cause gigantic waves or a tsunami. It provides an idea of the enormous forces at play with the amounts of ice melting in the polar regions overall. Guess this will change the face of this planet and all the denial might not hold the “dam”…

Click on the images below for the links (multimedia).

link to video clip 1link to video clip 2link to video clip 3link to video clip 4

Links to the videos:
Video 1 of collapsing iceberg
Video 2 of gigantic wave
Video 3 of melting and calving iceberg
Video 4 of Tsunami caused by iceberg

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