Images: Cow Parade Rio de Janeiro

Most of us might have first wondered when coming to a city that has just been “invaded” by cow statues. And then many of them are so well done and make you smile. But those just gone on display in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are just hilarious.

Cows playing football, as Marilyn with hairdryer, on the beach with a Daiquiri, in Bikinis and flip-flops or on the phone – great.

Even if it’s always tempting and you just needed a last reason to visit Rio you can also have a look at the Flickr group for the event. And the CowParade around the World group collects images of the herd – currently more than 2000 – from all cities where the event took place so far.

CowParade is the world’s largest public art event. As a public art exhibit that is accessible to everyone it is not meant to be high art. Most important is the charity element: At the conclusion of each event, many of the cows are auctioned off and a substantial portion of the proceeds goes directly to charity.

Click on the image below for the link.

link to cow parade web site

…From Chicago and New York in 1999 and 2000 to Kansas City and Houston in 2001 and London in 2002…CowParade continues to evolve, not just in size, but in creativity and quality of art. While the cow sculptures remain the same, each city’s artists are challenged by the art from past events, inspired by the cultural influences of their respective cities, and moved by their own interpretation of the cow as an art object.

…Our Chicago auction raised an amazing $3,000,000.00 for charity, including $1.4 million on-line and $2.1 million at the live auction assisted by Sotheby’s. The average bid price on the 140 cows was nearly $25,000, with the top cow, HANDsome, selling for $110,000. The CowParade New York 2000 Charity Auction raised an equally impressive $1,351,000.00 benefiting several New York City charities. The highest winning bid was $ 60,000, for Tiffany Cow. The average bid was $ 18,257. Detailed auction results for CowParade 2000 New York, Stamford and West Orange will be coming soon, so check back often!…

More information and images:
CowParade web site
Flickr Rio parade
CowParade around the World

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