Everyone counts but you!

This is the outcome – winner of a design challenge to propose a strategy to raise the turnout of voters between 18 and 24.

“…I don’t care what you think of my writing or my message. You’re not included in what is going on here. Your opinion is worthless and everyone here knows it. Everyone else has something worthwhile to contribute, except you.

You’re the outcast. Everyone else has this figured out, except you. Everyone fits in, except you. Everyone, except you. Except you…

Click on the image below for the link.

link to campaign web site

Decide for yourself: The link to the campaign web site currently leads to a page that let you sign up only. The site is expected to go live during this month and by that you will have one year – plenty of time – to make up your mind and register, decide and then vote to express YOUR opinion…

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