Art: Erik Natzke

At the OFFF (Online Flash Film Festival) that for the first time came to New York this weekend you might have seen some of Erik Natzke’s work or watched his presentation.

Erik Natzke, who has achieved almost celebrity like standing in the Flash and dynamic design communities continuously manages to impress audiences with his performances and images. After years there is still the Whoaw! effect every time we see some of his work.

…Erik Natzke is an interactive designer who is constantly trying to blur the lines between design and technology. With a keen awareness for how and where to push the limits of the medium without isolating the audience, Erik is a consistent risk-taker. Crediting his success with having the willingness to fail and the stubbornness not to give up, Natzke’s work ethic has pushed the boundaries of what previously had been considered possible. Imagination, adventure, and a desire to amaze as much as entertain are all part of the driving forces behind his work. Named one of the Top 10 Young Designers by HOW magazine, Natzke’s commercial, as well as personal, works have received numerous awards within the fields of both design and advertising…

Click on the image below for the link.

link to Erik Natzke Flickr site

Get some impressions of his 2007 portfolio at his play site or even more information at his web site. And there are hundreds of images at his Flickr portfolio some of them stills from animations.

Brief info on OFFF N.Y.:
OFFF is exploring software aesthetics and new languages for interactive and visual expression.

Every year, the festival features digital artists, web and print designers, motion graphic studios and avant-garde electronic musicians. OFFF festival brings together the artists that are breaking ground and shaping new standards in media and design, becoming the essential meeting point for the international scene of digital creation. OFFF is the only event of this kind and provides insight into all culture media platforms.

Since 2001, the OFFF festival has been held in Barcelona – Spain, and became the globally recognized and trendsetting event it is today. The three-day festival was for the first time held in New York on 2,3,4th November this year.

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