Fun: Rabbids around the world

img Rabbids introYou might have seen the older clips with the Rayman Rabbids – then you will love this new series of trailers/teasers called Rabbids around the world.

The little creatures go Sumo fighting to Japan, do a special kind of “Tour the France”, try to get into a game convention in Germany (new clip) and our favorite – play rugby against a team dressed “All Black” (Don’t miss the last seconds in the locker).

Yes, they do the Haka.

BTW, We’ve been told that the game is absolutely hilarious on the Wii.

Click on the images below for the links (multimedia).

link to Japan clip link to Game Conv. clip link to Haka clip link to France clip

Want more, here is a link to a video of the complete old series of Rabbids trailers.

More information and videos:
Ubisoft’s Rabbids web site
Rayman zone

Other Rabbids videos on YouTube
Other Rabbids videos on DailyMotion
(search both sites or follow the tags for more)

And for those who could not watch the Rugby World Cup in Paris a video of the All Blacks doing the Haka (from this year’s game against France). ka mate, ka ora

Click on the image below for the link (multimedia).

link to YouTube video

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