Art: Subtext’s Kokeshis for Bunka-No-Hi

To celebrate Bunka-no-hi – the Japanese national culture holiday – San Diego’s Subtext together with Christina Conway, have selected 75 artists from 13 countries to create Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Featured artists include Audrey Kawasaki, Julie West and many more.

…The show falls on and celebrates Bunka-No-Hi (Japan’s culture day) with wooden Kokeshi dolls from an international group of 75 artists hailing from 13 countries. Traditionally created as souvenirs for tourists visting Japan’s hot springs, Kokeshi Dolls will now serve as fresh canvases for some of the world’s top young artists and illustrators as selected by curator Christina Conway…

More information at:
Flickr group with images of all Kokeshis
Vinyl Pulse

Click on the image below for the link.

link to Kokeshi images

via: Vinyl Pulse

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