Humor: The smallest car of the world

We normally don’t watch car magazines on TV – with one or two exceptions. And our most favorite still is UK’s Top-Gear.

As we’re traveling quite a bit we often end up watching it online. So there is one of their very best just made available online – Jeremy doing a review of a “really” small car.

Well the smallest car of the world (according to the Guinness book of records) to be more precise. And watch what he does with it:

First he carries the car into the office, taking elevators, driving though news show but the best scene is him participating in a meeting at a long table while staying seated in the car.

“…top speed depends on how big you are – and ahmm – what you had for breakfast…”

Don’t miss out on the Jetson’s version at the end.

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

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