Food: Squirrel now officially on the menu in the UK

link to squirrel image The UK newspaper Daily Mail today reports that grey squirrel are now “officially” on the menu in restaurants in Britain.

…A top restaurant is serving up free grey squirrel pancakes to hungry diners.

Peking duck-style squirrel wraps are being offered to diners at The Famous Wild Boar Hotel.

The restaurant at Crook, near Windermere, in Cumbria, is giving diners the chance to try the canapes free of charge…

The squirrels served in the restaurant are caught on the estate of the Hotel. The grey squirrel (not-native in Britain) have almost completely displaced the red squirrel (native in Britain) that are now considered are endangered species on the island.

…I haven’t tried grey squirrel but people I know who have say it tastes like chicken used to taste when it tasted like chicken.

“The Americans have numerous recipes for grey squirrel, with the most popular being Brunswick Stew, which is casseroled squirrel…

One reader from N.Y. pointed out that squirrel might more commonly find its way into fleshpots as “road kill”.

Another commentator who seemingly has tried squirrel meat before says it’s quite tasty but we believe that squirrel meat might not “harmonize” too well with the hoisin sauce when served “Peking style”…

So Brits might soon come up with some new recipes themselves – some suggestions can be found here and here.

via: Daily Mail

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  1. Beryl Segoviano Says:

    Thank you very much for that. I was looking for a filling stew recipe to get me through the winter time, and this sounds just what I wanted. I found a whole stew recipes site here too that seems to have loads of good ideas, maybe your readers can get some more inspiration there. Anyway, thanks, I will bookmark and read more another time ;)