Europe: French Election candidate duel via Web-TV

img Arte France 2007  Thanks to the unique European TV station landscape were still quite a large group of them is financed by mandatory fees from all TV owners, when those TV stations get innovative they can do things that elsewhere still seem not be possible.

After the BBC has recently got approval to provide parts of its program via Web-TV now European TV station Arte will provide the final TV duel of the two remaining candidates for presidency in France live terrestrial and via Web-TV today at 20:00 GMT. The “show” will be kept available online for at least another week and – like most of Arte’s program – will be available in French and German.

France is voting next Sunday for the successor of outgoing Jacques Chirac who was President of France since May 1995. During the first ballot on April 22nd none of the 12 candidates could reach an absolute majority. The two candidate with the most votes from that ballot – right-wing Sarkozy (about 31 percent of 37 Million votes) and mid/left-wing Royal (about 26 percent of votes) – will stand in the run-off poll this Sunday.

Note: While many people have expected to see those two candidates to go into the second ballot, the most interesting outcome from the first ballot was that extreme right-wing Front National candidate Le Pen, who during the last elections even made it into the run-off poll, has substantially lost ground and was seen as the biggest looser of these elections.

More information at Arte (French or German)

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