Video: Malo, Malo

One of our most loved Spanish artists, Bebe listen to her songs…

A phrase from the song Malo (link below)

Malo, malo malo eres,
no se daña a quién se quiere ¡no!
Tonto, tonto tonto eres,
no te pienses mejor que las mujeres

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia).

link to YouTube video

It took us quite some time to find our favorite song from her (Siempre Me Quadana) as a video and we are still tumbling between “time will heal everything” and the soft voice of the sea not to mention the flower(s) growing…

this post is in no way related to the previous one…

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2 Responses to “Video: Malo, Malo”

  1. MaRiZzA Says:

    i like that song,ofc it’s kinda old and i don’t know the name of the artist can some1 tell me her name?

  2. fpp Says:

    The singer is called “Bebe”