Travel: You are now officially cattle (with some airlines)

While we all could not really get rid of the feeling that something is wrong with air travel since years – ever watched a young guy (most of them are now much taller than 6 feet at least in Europe and the US) fold into one of the Economy class seats after being “herded” into the airplane.

Well now one so called “no frills” airline in Europe laid the truth bare.

…A round of applause for today for confirming many passengers’ suspicions as to how airlines view their customers. Some questions regarding “assistance” to elderly passengers are categorized as an inquiry about “livestock.” …

(See the text in the blue rectangle – click on the image for a larger view.)

Nevertheless one other major European air line has started to cater for the other end of the market and is offering private jets with the convenience of picking up a ticket at the counter (don’t even bother asking for the price of a flight if your annual income is below lets say USD 500,000 – having said that if you have a large family or company of friends traveling with you it might still be a good deal – only one pays).

And those of us who travel more frequently with air liners might know that transporting real cattle or other animals quickly gets you into first class price range for “self-loading cargo”…

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link to upgrade travel better page

via: The Register

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