The never ending spam tail

Been away for a few days and getting ready for a trip around the world. So nothing came up here the last days – besides that 15,000 spam messages arrived – thanks again to the enlargement branch and particularly the one page plus spammers. Nevertheless our spam filters continue to work great (only 6 messages missed). Still can’t understand the concept of clogging other peoples email boxes with stuff that will be most likely automatically scrapped anyway – but I guess I’m not alone with this.

But then one of our posts got really popular particular with our friends in Belgium and the UK. We have even beaten The Times (and all the sites now linking to them) by more than 2 days reporting that a Swiss village is giving one of their ski resorts away for free…

So back to business…

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    The Swiss / Valais village Ernen is giving away their ski resort Erner-Galen for free. It’s not very large – only three lifts – but it will be yours if you agree to keep the currently 12 people on payroll and keep it open.

    Together with the ski lifts you will also become the (proud) owner of 2 snow cats, a few snow canons and a license until 2017.

    While rather low, the base / village is only at 1200m, the village is known for its “snow safety” into late spring. Currently they have about 1.5m snow at the peek but it is snowing now in Switzerland (after spring said hello since December…
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